Welcome to the Otherkin & Therianthropy Communities!

Welcome! It’s unfortunate that you have found our communities via Tumblr. Tumblr is our community’s equivalent (and perhaps the internet’s as a whole) of a sewer system. Rather than swimming through crap, You’d probably better benefit from visiting an otherkin or therianthropy related website outside of Tumblr. I personally recommend Wulf Howl.

I sincerely encourage you to check out the awesome non-tumblr resources offered by the community. You may view my list of Therianthropy-related resources, or Jarandhel’s list of otherkin resoruces below. Thanks!

Shiro’s list of Therianthropy Resources

Jarandhel’s list of Otherkin Resources


Anonymous asked:

Hi Shiro! I want to start a group (either a FB group or a forum or something) to find and talk to other therians and furries in my area. Do you have any advice?

Hello! I would recommend you join some of the larger communities already out there and post a thread on each community seeking local otherkin and furries. It’d be best if you looked for otherkin on otherkin-centric forums, and furries on furry-centric forums instead of trying to mix the two - not all furries are otherkin and not all otherkin are furries, and some get offended to an illogical degree if you lump them in the same category. After your threads get interest, I would speak with the repliers in your area about starting a Facebook group or a Forum together. Let me know if you have any other questions!


*sneaks in*

Hi there. I’m new to the otherkin community, and I just made this blog. Could anybody help me out in the way of pointing me towards good blogs to follow, trolls to block, etc.? That would be much appreciated :3

Hello, my first recommendation would be to join some otherkin-related websites that are not on Tumblr. There is a lot of hate and trolls on Tumblr, and stuff like this is much better controlled on sites dedicated to otherkin.\

I recommend Wulf Howl. :)

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