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Anonymous asked:

i sure hope that website doesn't catch on

I wouldn’t mind the site if it was titled something appropriate for a personal site, rather than “Therians United”… it’s not demonstrative of the community, that’s for sure.

Wulf Howl's blog needs to be refollowed

!!!Please re-follow Wulf Howl’s official blog!!!

Although the URLs are the same, Wulf Howl’s official blog has moved to a different account to enable all staff members to post to it. You will need to re-follow the new blog. The old blog will be kept up as an archive at


wanna know what’s TERRIBLE

that the otherkin tag has a whole bunch of other secret tags that we use to try to evade the hatred and bullying

and they ACTIVELY TRACK us to those tags so they can continue to bully us

They are SO INTENT on making us feel like shit. There are people who spend actual time in their lives pursuing making our lives less comfortable

how fucked up is that

i know right?


Otherkin is a mental illness. Is a body actually believes that they are an animal, or even worse, a mythological creature? They need to be examined by a professional.

Unless yer a therian then yer fine

As a therian, I find this absolutely hypocritical and hateful. Unless you’re a mental health professional, you don’t have the right or authority to call something a mental illness. Blocked where you belong.


if you are otherkin kill yourself please

it will save the trans community a lot of embarrassment lmao 

You are absolute trash, telling somebody to kill themselves is absolutely horrible, regardless of reason. If somebody actually does it, you will probably be prosecuted, as has happened in many cases. You’ve been reported to

Everyone should block this trashbag.

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